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Daily Specials and Group Rates*

*if multiple deals apply, guests can choose which option they prefer

Daily Specials

We have different specials for each day of the week. Our regular schedule is:

Monday - Free 10 minutes added to any 50 or 80 minute option.
Tuesday - $5 off Deep Tissue massage.
Wednesday - Free 10 minutes added to 50 minute or 80 minute options and 5 minutes added to any 25 minute massage.
Thursday - $10 off Reflexology treatment.
Friday - Free Energizer (10 mins), with the purchase of any 80 minute option.
Saturday - $5 off Swedish massage.
Sunday - $5 off Signature massage.

Note: This schedule is subject to change based on holidays or other special events. Contact us to confirm our current lineup of special offers.

Group Discounts

Our group discounts apply for two or more Full Body or Specialty massages scheduled with the same therapist (one at a time).

$5 off each 25 minute session
$10 off each 50 minute or longer session

For larger groups (4 or more) we can schedule two therapists at the same time and the group rate will apply to everyone as long as each therapist is scheduled for more than one
Full Body or Specialty massage.

Scheduling Couples or Paired Massages

At select locations, we can accommodate appointments for up to two guests at the same time who are booking 50 minute or longer massages.

We price these appointments individually so each guest can choose the option that is right for them, and both guests may take advantage of free aromatherapy

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